For some, identity is a series of simply connected lines filling the page in a rational flow of features like a line drawing. For me and other artists like myself, we need several versions before we begin to feel ourselves as existing.  I muse, philosophize and have mad rants,  free of structured projects on my personal website. Everything I believe in is represented by the work I do as The Universal Fairytale and because the work I do there is so close to my heart, I’ve always been passionately impractical about how it’s done.  Consequently, I couldn’t bring myself to limit the potential of The Universal Fairytale by restricting its availability to those with large amounts of money. Consequently, I’ve never attached restrictive financial values to work associated with this project.  In the process creating and visualizing: La Rate Blanche, The White RatDie Weiße Ratte, Beyaz Fare, الفأرة البيضاء, 只小不点儿母白鼠 I have created a vast catalogue of original media, educational materials, experiences and decorative household items to finance the project and my sons educations under the commercial umbrella of United Colors of N.I.M.B.Y.